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Erie TV - "Where Are They Now?"

Doug Buchanan
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WJET-TV reporter
    -Washington, D.C. reporter
    -Hudson Valley, NY reporter
WUSA9 general assignment reporter, Washington, D.C.
From Doug...
Erie is where I learned what it takes to be a 'legitimate' reporter.
I was assigned the courts and crime beat in Erie, and was given the time and resources to do my job they way I had hoped. It was in Erie where I learned that most unanswered questions could be found in a dusty file somewhere. I developed excellent sources, many of whom taught me where and when to look for clues.
Each morning, my routine, many times on my bicycle,  took me from the U.S. Federal Courthouse on State Street to the Police Station and City Hall across the street. I would go from floor to floor in City Hall, poking my head in each office, often at times discovering the story I would be working on that day or the days to come.
At the Erie County Courthouse, it was much of the same. I won over longtime court clerks with coffee and donuts each Friday. It was those behind the scenes court officials who taught this computer intimidated reporter a system that allowed me to step right into cases that I quickly learned captivated Action News 24 viewers.
But In the end it was the people of Northwest Pennsylvania that allowed me to tell their stories, where I found most of my success. And that success led my right back to my home town of Washington, D.C., where I hope one day to gain the trust of the people of the Nation's Capital like I earned from the fine folks of Erie.
But if it weren't for Erie, I wouldn't be where I am or who I am.
Thanks Erie.
Don't give up the Brig!

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