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Erie TV - "Where Are They Now?"

Stacey Nogy - 12
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WICU12 reporter
    -WJET-TV  reporter
    -KNSD, San Diego, CA
KARE TV Executive Producer/Special Projects, Minneapolis, MN (currently)
From Stacey...

I oversee one of the most ‘decorated’ special project units in the country - a great team of reporters, photographers and producers. In the past few years, KARE is a 3-time winner of the Edward R. Murrow award for overall excellence in large market TV stations.

I have fond memories of Erie…I still crave those chocolate-covered strawberries from Pulakos!

I worked with some really great people who helped me get started on my career – people like Don Shriver, Mike Gallagher, Tony Victor, Dave Knapp (Ch. 12 photog), and I think of them and their early guidance often.

763 797 7227

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